Dog Clothes

Clothes can keep the pets warm, protect skin and coat away from injury and sunshine, keep the pets in good shape and beautiful looking when they go out for a walk, running, and play.

The style and patterns of dog clothes follow human fashion trends in all seasons.

We manufacture a large range of private label dog clothing for the USA and European brands.


Types of Dog Clothes

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dog coats manufacturer product

There is cotton, polyester, or down lining in the coat to take extra warmth; it’s necessary to have an appropriate coat for dogs in cold weather while sleeping going out for a walk.

dog sweaters manufacturer product

A sweater is the best choice for the dog, both for medium warm and fashion purposes. The sweater is easy to wear and take off because the structure is simple.

dog hoodies manufacturer product

The hoodie is the most popular human cloth globally, the same as a dog.
The dog needs to wear a hoodie every morning and evening when they go out for a walk, take cool protection, skin and coat protection.

dog jackets manufacturer product

Dog jackets achieve function and can be used in special and formal occasions, such as windproof, water floating, and protection while working and hunting.

dog raincoats manufacturer product

The dog needs a raincoat on rainy days. PVC, polyester, nylon, and PU with coating are the good choice for the fabric of dog raincoats. Consider using a half-body cover for easy wearing or a full-body cover for better protection.

dog T-shirts manufacturer product

T-shirts, polo shirts, and skirts are good for protecting the skin and coats of a dog when on sunshine days and dress them nicely. You can use many light-weighted fabrics to design the shirts.