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Dog Coats

favicon jenny power 6767As a dog coats manufacturer in China, we offer a complete range of dog clothes to meet your target.

Do you know that dog coats follow the same fashion trend as human coats? Dog coats also come and go out of fashion, and to stay updated, and you have to deliver the latest designs.

For regular and custom coats, we offer various fabric options, including but not limited to: 100% Cotton, T/C fabric, polyester, nylon, faux suede, micro-fabric, PU, taffeta, Taslan, velvet, pongee, corduroy.

Usually, the lining can be polar fleece, sherpa fleece, and cotton cloth for the top grade of dog coats. We use polyester as filling in typical cases on most coats.



More information

Cap of dog coats can be fixed or removable. The thickness of the coat in different areas may not be the same, so each customer needs to evaluate the fabric and the weight of filling.

It may need pockets on the back of dog coat to put the litter bag inside. Frequently, use velcro instead of a button. It will be much better for quick close and unlock.

Water-resistance treatment on an outer fabric may be necessary for dog coats; it depends on customers.

All the dog coats need to make a correct leash hole on the back to ensure that the leash can go through the spot quickly.

Color fasten is a vital quality control point. Size chart is essential for dog coats. Five sizes are typically required, and some customers need seven, nine sizes, or eleven sizes. But too many sizes will cause a price increase.