Dog Collars

Dog collar and leash play a top role in the dog’s whole life. Safety and training are the key purposes.

It will give a significant symbol to the dog that he is under control while wearing a collar and leash, and the owner can control the dog in safe conditions. It can keep the dog away from loss, escape, injure and eat strange things, and avoid other persons from a bite, hurt frightened from the pet.

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Types of Dog Collars

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There are several collar-making materials, such as nylon, PE, PP, canvas, cotton, leather, PU, metal, etc.  Strength is essential for the collar, influenced by material, thickness, metals and plastic parts, and stitching.


We can use the same material as a collar to make a leash. The leash strength is important, caused by different materials, metal parts, and stitching.  Different length of the leash is for a different purpose.


The dog harness has been getting more popular in recent years. Instead of a collar, a dog harness will relieve the shock strength from the neck when he is running. Tape wrapping harness and fashion harness are the main themes.