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Dog Harness

favicon jenny power 6767As a dog harness manufacturer in China, we offer a complete range of fabric harnesses.

The dog harness is getting more popular in recent years; more pet owners think dog harnesses can take more protection to their pets.

Designers designed plenty of harness styles in the past years; we can group them into traditional techniques, working types, and fashion styles.

The traditional style of dog harnesses consisted of webbing and buckles in various shapes.

The working style of dog harnesses was combined working jackets and collars together as a collar function; it’s mainly for police, military, and rescue use.

The fashion style of harnesses is much beautiful and fashionable. It’s consisted of the front part of clothes and webbing collars together.



Useful information

The fabric of dog harnesses for webbing can be the same as traditional collars, such as nylon, polyester, polypropylene, cotton, canvas, etc.

The fabric of the clothes part can be padded mesh, polyester, cotton, T/C, neoprene, etc.

Suggest using a solid nylon bucket and welded D-ring for safety purposes.

Breakthrough and colorfastness are essential.

Size chart is essential for dog harnesses.