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Dog Raincoats

favicon jenny power 6767As a dog raincoats manufacturer in China, we offer a complete range of dog clothes to meet your target.

Dogs need to go out for walks every day; a good dog raincoat is necessary for them.

There are two ways to make a dog raincoat in the market: sewing PU fabric and heat sealing PVC or EVA.

PU fabric got a soft surface; it is always complex with knitted T/C backing for a perfect touch. It needs a lining with a PU fabric, and the lining can be cotton, polyester, nylon, or mesh.



Useful information

It always needs ultrasonic sealing on PVC and EVA dog raincoats, and it’s one thin layer.

We usually use screen printing on the fabrics of PU, PVC, and EVA.

Water resistance is critically important both on fabric, sewing, and sealing on dog raincoats.

All the dog raincoats need to make a bigger size leash hole on the back.

We suggest fixed caps on the dog raincoats.


It may need pockets on the back of the coat for the litter bag. Use velcro instead of a button for quick close and unlock.

Color fasten is a vital quality control point.

Size chart is essential for dog clothes. Five sizes are typically required, and some customers need seven.