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Dog Costumes

favicon jenny power 6767As a dog costumes manufacturer in China, we offer a complete range of dog toys to meet your target.

Dog Christmas costumes and dog Halloween costumes are the most important themes for generic dog costumes, there are other themes such as birthday and Valentine’s Day, but it’s not so important.

Dog costumes toys commonly are give-away toys in large volumes, so use a cheap grade of fabrics to make them.


To make a small area of printing and embroidery on fabric to save cost.

For the dog Halloween costumes, many designers combine toys and clothes. Most clothes have the toys feature; it’s difficult for a toy factory or a clothes factory to make them separately, but we are very familiar and robust with it.

The dog costumes got the same function as plush dog toys for gift play and making fun, do not as a durable toy.

There are squeakers or crinkled paper inside of the toys for getting the dog’s attention.


dog-costumes-manufacturerDog costumes are an effective program for retail chain stores.

As the most important holiday, Halloween and Christmas theme plays the top role on dog costumes.

Every owner will take gifts for their family members.

Toys were the main product for dog Christmas costumes; both toys and cosplay clothes are Halloween costumes.

As a dog costumes manufacturer, we can make dog Christmas costumes and dog Halloween costumes for pets.

It’s a challenge for a dog toys factory or a dog clothes factory to make dog Halloween costumes because the craftsmen for toys and clothes are pretty different. Still, dog Halloween costumes usually combine both toys and clothes.

We have both dog toys and dog clothes factories; our toys designer and clothes designer will work together to make samples quite reasonable; this will be much easier when mass production.

Chain stores need an audit.

Chain stores, like Walmart, Target, Costco, Petsmart, Petco, etc., all need an audit of the factories. The vendor needs to apply for the audit three to four months before mass production and submit a yellow-rated FAMA to the chain stores.