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Dog Hoodies

favicon jenny power 6767As a dog hoodies manufacturer in China, we offer a complete range of dog clothes to meet your target.

In Spring or Autumn season, a dog needs a hoodie or sportswear to keep warm after the outer door runs.

The design for hoodies is much simple than other clothes.

The fabrics are also simple; knitted fabric including 100% cotton or T/C cotton is a good choice, can be with spandex or without spandex, and with flocking or without flacking.


dog-hoodies-manufacturerHelpful information for dog hoodies:

Usually use screen printing, sublimated printing, embroidery, square or stripes parts of decorating dog hoodies.

Dog hoodies do not need a water-resistance treatment.

It needs to add a leash hole on the neck of the dog hoodies; the leash can go through dog hoodies.

Typically there is a fixed cap on dog hoodies, and there are no buttons or velcro on them.

More information:

It may need pockets on the back of the coat for the litter bag.

Color fasten is a vital quality control point.

Size chart is essential for dog clothes.

Five sizes are typically required, and some customers need seven, nine sizes or eleven sizes. Too many sizes will cause a price increase.