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Durable Dog Toys

favicon jenny power 6767As a durable dog toys manufacturer in China, we offer a complete range of dog toys to meet your target.

Besides plush dog toys, another kind of stuffed toy is durable dog toys that get a large portion on the market.

Durable means the toy is more potent, not easy to destroy; compared to plush toys, dogs can play with it for a longer time. Always playing with durable toys may cause negative motion for a dog, watch behavior, and use plush toys to destroy if they like.


Acting as a chew toy, bite toy, and interactive toy between owner and dog, and dogs each other, heavy material and strong craft is the primary factor.

Heavy-duty nylon and canvas with backing is the first choice for the fabric of dog toys.

Polyester fabric, fleece, suede can also be selected due to the brilliant color and printing achieved, but need to make strong backing and use extra strong thread while sticking.


durable-dog-toys-manufacturerUseful information:

The toy’s surface is tuff, and it’s not so easy to get a very complex shape; edge sewing is the most challenging part while sticking.

Screen printing, heat transfer (sublimated) printing, embroidery is choice for making a durable toy.

Squeakers or crinkled paper were put inside of the toys to get the dog’s attention.

For getting the shape to look better and have more function, we always made durable dog toys combined with rope, rubber, and tpr.