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Dog Jackets

favicon jenny power 6767As a dog jackets manufacturer in China, we offer a complete range of dog clothes to meet your target.

There are a lot of groups for dog jackets; we can group them by fabric, thickness, function, and styles, etc.

Dogs need to wear different jackets on many formal or informal occasions, when they go out for a walk, meet friends, go to work, go hunting, go swimming, etc.

The fabric of dog jackets can be various, 100% cotton, T/C cotton, polyester, corduroy, jeans, polyester peach, velvet, nylon, micro-suede, and many others.

Depending on their function, dog jackets can be one or two layers of cotton or polyester filling inside.

JK003A dog jacket manufacturers for 2 styles of luxury screen printing heavy jacket

dog-jackets-manufacturerUseful information

Foam pads are necessary inside of lifejacket.

Some styles of dog jackets need water-resistance treatment.

All the dog jackets need to make a bigger size leash hole on the back.

Cap is not necessary for a dog jacket.


It needs pockets on the back of the jackets for the litter bag. Use velcro instead of a button for quick close and unlock.

Color fasten is a vital quality control point.

Size chart is essential for dog clothes. Five sizes are typically required, and some customers need seven.