Dog Toys

Dog toy plays a vital role in a dog’s life. It’s critical media between the owner and the dog’s communication. The owner needs toys for training dogs from a very early age to teach social behavior, and the dog also needs toys to clean teeth, prevent loneliness, and practice biting and hunting skills. We have been making various dog toys for the USA and European companies for decades.

Pet Toys Manufacturer

Types of Dog Toys

Different breeds, the character in its age may need the toys not same. We are grouping our pet toys below; click the images below to take a tour.

plush dog toys manufacturer product

Plush dog toys are made of soft fabric, commonly by plush, fleece, corduroy, etc., intended to destroy, companionship and prevent the dog from loneliness.
It’s easy to make plush toys in different shapes and styles with any printing and embroidery techniques on the fabrics, so pet owners and designers take it as the most popular toy.

durable dog toys manufacturer product

A durable dog toy means a longer life than a plush toy intent for a heavy chew. It’s the first choice of fabric to use heavy nylon and canvas or other fabrics with heavy-duty backing, as well as heavy stitching. It’s not easy to make durable dog toys in detailed shapes.

dog costumes manufacturer product

Costume, such as Halloween, Christmas, Valentine’s, Birthday, is significant to humans and dogs. The owner will not forget to present the fuzzy family member on the costumes.

Dog costumes toys are for celebration, so bright color and attractive design is the top point, disposable plush toy is the best choice for creating the themes.

rope dog toys manufacturer product

The rope is robust for biting, tugging, chewing; the thread is much helpful for cleaning the teeth, so there are a large variety of rope dog toys designed for interactive, chewing, teething for long life and low cost.

licensed dog toys manufacturer product

It’s always a long-lasting story on licensed commodities, such as Disney NFL. Naturally, a licensed dog toy is part of it.

Licensed dog toys can cover the range of plush and durable; the designer can apply many styles with them.

tpr dog toys manufacturer product

Thermoplastic Rubber (TPR) is an eco-friendly material; it’s harmless and odorless with bright colors; TPR dog toys have become more popular in recent years, mainly for interactive and feeding purposes at a competitive cost compared with natural rubber.