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Rope Dog Toys

favicon jenny power 6767As a rope dog toys manufacturer in China, we offer a complete range of dog toys to meet your target.

Compared with plush toys and durable toys, rope dog toys can deeply clean a dog’s teeth when they bite or chew.

Besides basic knots rope toys, we usually make various shapes by hand, which is more comprehensive and attractive to pet owners.

Rope toys do not have too many individual styles, and it’s generally combined with plush toy, durable toy, tennis ball, and tpr toys for multifunction.

The rope dog toy is a good choice for a bite, chew, interactive, training, retriever.

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We make many kinds of rope dog toys as essential dog toys based on your design or needs.

We can group rope dog toys in the styles below.

Knots rope toys: it means rope toy with two, three, four, or five knots on the rope toy; it’s a good choice for low cost for dog chew, bite, interactive play, clean teeth, etc.

Balls rope toys: braid a ball only or braid two or three balls along with the rope. Pet owners can use ball rope toys for training, interaction, and retrieving.

Sisal mixed rope toys: We can mix cotton and sisal as rigid, stiff surfaces and long-lasting.

Shaped rope toys: these will be braided into animal shape, plant shape, etc., to make the rope toy attractive. Shaped rope toys are at higher prices, it needs very experienced workers, and the speed is low.

Rope toys with tennis balls: This rope toy is easier for dog taking when training and playing.