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Plush Dog Toys

favicon jenny power 6767As a plush dog toys manufacturer in China, we offer a complete range of dog toys to meet your target.

Stuffed dog toys mean filling cotton or polyester inside the toy’s shell, making the toy soft and well-shaped; considering the cost and results of stuffing, polyester is the first choice.

There are two types of stuffed dog toys in the market, plush dog toys, and durable dog toys, in which plush toys play a prominent position.

Why need plush dog toys for your dog?

Dogs love playing with plush dogs. They instinctively treat plush toys as their babies and play with them when they are bored and alone. Therefore the fabric used to manufacture the plush toys needs to be soft. Material choices best suited for a plush toy are corduroy, PV fleece, soft cloth, and long plush.

Another great benefit of plush toys is their ability to keep the dog’s “destroy” instinct in check. Dogs love to release their energy by destroying them, and only plush toys offer complete satisfaction for the dog. If plush toys are not available, dogs will ruin the furniture.

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Useful information

To get the buyer’s attention, we need to make a plush toy with attractive colors and patterns, the shape to be cute and as detailed as possible.

There are squeakers or crinkled paper inside of the toys for getting the dog’s attention.

In recent years, we have always made plush dog toys combined with rope, rubber, and tpr for multifunction, such as retriever, chewing, and cleaning teeth.

Different plush toys meet for various lengths of dog breeds, puppies, and adults.